Thursday, May 7, 2009


shall blog no more :)
till i have a reason to blog again................

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Never judge a book by its cover

Never judge a book by its cover... Yeah, this is an overused idiom i guess but its suits the current subject I would like to blog a about. There is this one person by the name Susan Boyle. She became famous after appearing on British's Got Talent singing "I dreamed a dream" from Les Miserables. Honestly, when i first see her face I wasnt really interested to go on watching and Im glad i did continue watching since its recommended by Gene. She has a beautiful voice that captivated the audiences.. I was kinda shocked when I hear her voice. Good luck Susan!

Heres the link for to watch her singing..I could not get the video here since the codes to embed the videos are being disabled:

Dun forget to look at Simon Cowell's reaction at 3:21 !! lol! he looks so innocent there

and this is the I dreamed a dream version sang by Ruthie Henshall

beautiful voice eh ?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chocolate Furball

Seeing this cute little dog u will go Awww.... but!!!!!! hes kinda a perv >.<... Today I went to Shamaines house to supposely do the Moral project but most of watched movies, chit chat and slack around hahaha.... So this little star, Porsche became the center of my attention coz I just love animals especially dogs. Throughout the time at Sha's house i was playing with him haha.. and he started to get 'High'(this word is being used by Jordan) and tried to hump on my hand -_- omg...imagine he hugged my hand and stand ready to do wat he wanna do >.< then the animal porn topic also came up for a while ._.

Of course I wont let Porsche to do anything to my hand haha..
See hes lying down resting its head on my laptop haha!
Hes cute~

Dats all for today.
Signing off~~~

Sunday, April 12, 2009

What I did Last Saturday

Seeing this ticket you should already know where I had been on Saturday afternoon!! Sunway Amphitheatre.. The showcase supposedly to start at 3pm but David showed up one hour late... I guess its due to the rain too..I went there at 1pm.. which means I had waited there for 3 hours before he showed up.. Im nt a mega fan but I waited him for 3 hours._.

Anyway his perf is not bad so hes forgiven haha.. I like the part when he played the keyboard.. He played 2 songs: A thousand mile and Angels.. He has a good voice indeed haha for a young teen like him. Im still waiting for the pics Yen ><
Heres some pics taken at the showcase :

A random pic... just see the amount of ppl turned up! I even saw a girl with crutches @_@

I wish i could play like him le :(

After the showcase, Yen and I walked all the way to Sunway Pyramid (mind u both of us never drink or eat anything from 12-5pm!) Let me show u hw far it is since we walked while it rained some more.. luckily Yen had an umbrella T_T My jeans and sandals were wet!

Its like walking one big round!!

Then, we had a heavy so called "lunch+dinner" thgy at Tony Romas haha..We ordered 1/2 BBQ chicken which we ended up eating 1/2 of it only haha
Yen looking through the menu lol

Honestly,when I saw the chicken I feel kinda full ad!

Chocolate avalanche for dessert :P
I dun have to explain in detail but its D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S for sure x)
P/S: though i prefer the one at Chili's >.<

By the end of the day, I got some freebies :
A David Archuleta's cd favourite Disney character Donald Duck!

Ok le.. dats all.. I duno wat to say anymore.. So then...

Baby Janice and me
Signing off~

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Have you ever...

Have you ever

a)talked to a person who you never talked before and chatted with him/her for hours and talked as if you had known each other very long ago?

b)waiting for something for hours but u don't even know why and what are u waiting for?

c)think that sweet talk is the most dangerous weapon that can K.O ppl?

d)keep checking your phone screen just to see the 4 magic words: "You have 1 message"?

e)be a green-eyed monster for a while when you see your friend's guy treats her like a princess?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

After 4 months lol- A 3-in-1 post

It has been 4 months since ive blogged.. and i duno wat to blog also i'll just talk bout random thgs dat i wanted to blog bt i din gt to do so thx to my laziness ^^This post i bet gonna be super long~

QUITE a while ago (actually it took place last year >.< which is 13 th Dec 2008 to be specific), I went back to PJ to visit my cousins and my beloved mother was there to to see me :) coz I dun go back hometown all the time.. maybe once every 3 months? the total time i went back to Ipoh can be counted with just one hand ._.OMFG! So my cousin's bf Ben brought us to Kepong to eat this suppose to be famous crabs! Wee~ coz Im a huge fan of crabs! the one u can eat not the disease ok!! Euuwww.. Back to the topic... We arrived there and Whoa.. so damn lot of people there and the workers there are all foreign workers ._. Since Ben couldn't take spicy food we ordered something he can eat... sobs sobs.. The food is actually not bad and the price is reasonable too! No wonder many people flood there all the time haha.. so next time when your craving for food you can try to go Kepong for the crabs! Especially for those who wanna have some good food with low price ^^

Don't ask me the name of the restaurant for I'd forgotten it.. I took a pic of it but it seems to be MIA from my handphone T_T

Some how it looks unappetizing but its good ._. my camera and my picture taking skills sux dats why I failed to make it looks good.

This is the supposed to be buttersauce gravy? In chinese its call “奶油” im nt too sure how to translate it.. It taste so so only and if u take more u will feel muak and jelak.. think of diminishing utility.. econs!

This is their own seafood tofu... A bit too soft for my liking so the next time im going there it wont appear on the table ^^

This one is not bad too!! If u love sweet and sour~

Post #2

My Redang trip~

A picture can tell a thousand words... By just seeing this pic.. u can know Redang is sceneric with its soft white sandy beach and crystal clear hues of sea water.. just imagine ur laying on the hammock while reading ur favourite book and drinking fresh coconut water... and we will get Aun Aun to fan u like a princess XD.. I always wanna go Redang ever since I watched the movie starred by Sammie Cheng the More More Tea thgy.. My friends all did not know bout the movie.. I guesss its kinda old movie and they dont watch canto movies i supppose..

During the 3 days there, we snorkelled and play at the sea as if we never see the sea before coz we even played in the hot afternoon.. playing monkey in the water lol..At night we snooped around other resorts and check them out too.. The condition was so much nicer but everything comes with a price.. I bet its gonna be much more expensive than ours!

Look at the fishes at the Marine Park... or issit marine bay? lol i forgot.. I just experimented to see hw many fish will be there by throwing a small piece of bread and this was the result.. imagine if we threw bread pieces around u and these fish chiong to u !! pretty scary boy! dont worry we did dat to Aun Aun ad :x

Oh yea!! I forgot the most exciting part!! the banana boat!! we pay to experience pain and fun at the same time.. My head got knocked by AJ's butt and my left arm was kicked by AunAun -_- till my arm became numb for a while..

This is just a camwhore pic at bus lol random =x

Post #3

I went back to KL and Ipoh last week :) and i finally got my haircut!! I was a bit unhappy about the fringe but a few of my friends said I look better with this hairstyle. So, Ill be OK with it at the moment ^^Heres how I look like now:

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Midnight at Capitol

After being at Malacca for almost 6 months, I finally had a chance to get to go for Satay Celup for the 2nd time in my life.. lolx.. ( no joke).Malacca is too far from Ipoh.. My dad wont have the patience to drive all the way here just for some Satay Celup! The last time I had Satay Celup was at December 2006 O_O I just realise its really exactly 2 years! FTW!

I get to come here thanks to Marilyn and not to forget Zachy! ( thanks for bringing me go watch Bolt) >.<>.<

Okay heres the pics.. Im too lazy to explain the details.. And the pictures worth more than thousands of words! XD

Zachy was suppose to be sitting on the road.. but then hes worried he will kena langgar by some random car..
The outcome of the pic: Zachy has turned into zombie O_O ZOMFG

This is gravy where u dump all ur satays inside.. Its actually peanut gravy and some unknown spices..

Zachy curi minum Lyn's drink! Caught red handed =x

Why is he chewing the coconut shell? But this pic makes him looks kyootes~

Oh this is the pic that proves Lyn's STR is quite high since she needs to help Z to open it.. jk lol

Marilyn!! Why you take my pic with my eyes close? -.- I look like tak sabar nia in the pic..

Wanna have a try too?? Maybe you can join me the next time? ^^ Dun drool on your keyboard and if u do.. go grab a tissue and wipe ur saliva pls hohoho

Dun play play!

Marilyn can be a talented thief for her long handds ( tangan panjang) sorry duno how come it become so long in this pic haha XD

Zachy ate "7" pc of the Satay celup

This ones Marilyn's.. I think is 10.. Never eat dinner but still eat so little -.- so easy to sara u next time lolx..

This ones mine lo! 11 only haha coz Ive eaten my light dinner and one prata >.<

Okay.. overall my comment bout the Satay celup is....
its not as tasty as I'd anticipated.. mayb coz of the spices.. making it somehow taste a bit weird..
Anyway, that's my personal opinion =) Tell me yours by commenting my post if theres any of you reading this!